What is a filling?

A dental filling is a basic dental restoration used to repair a tooth that has suffered from minor decay, damage, or fracturing. At Whitesboro Dental, we offer white fillings to effectively, aesthetically restore your smile’s health and function. White fillings, which are also known as tooth-colored or composite fillings, are made of a material called composite resin. Our dentists match the shade of the resin to your original tooth color so your filling will blend in with the natural appearance of your smile. The composite resin forms a strong bond with your natural tooth structure, ensuring that your restoration is lasting and durable. White dental fillings are strong, aesthetic, and effective.

Do I need a filling?

Drs. Campbell and Campbell may suggest a dental filling in Whitesboro, Texas, if you have a cavity or if your tooth is damaged by minor fracturing or other injury. Once the decay has been removed from the tooth, we clean the tooth and fill it with composite resin. Our dentists will carefully shape the filling to fit your smile. It typically requires just one pleasant visit to our office to complete your white dental filling. We invite you to call or visit our dental practice soon to learn more about the advantages of white fillings and to set up your next visit.